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Iran is the safest country I have ever visited


It is not an Arab country at war. First of all, Iran is not Arab. It’s Persian. The last war in Iran was against Iraq between 1980 and 1988. In other words, it hasn’t been at war for the last 27 years. Ironically, it might be the most stable country in the Middle East at the moment. The first tourist I met was an American woman. She was about 50 years old and.. Read More

A Singaporean in Iran


I couldn’t have been the first one to visit Iran, but I was one of the few to come back with a film which showed the world how it really was.  Within hours people were sharing my film across every continent and it clocked more than 20,000 views in one week (close to 200,000 so far).  Iranians, especially those away from their home, thanked me for showing the Iran that they have always.. Read More