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Buenos Aires is not the prettiest city in the world but it’s my favourite.  Maybe it was that electrifying feeling I got from just roaming on the streets or the amazing people I met there.   Anyway I planned only to stay for 4 days but ended up staying there for 3 weeks instead.  I just didn’t want to leave.     AIRPORTS There are two airports in Buenos Aires. One within the.. Read More

Long Way Home – The Argentinians

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1. Atins, Brazil.  31 August 2014 The thumbnail of my Long Way Home video features Martin, the hero of my travels. Because of him I became the special guest of an Argentinian superstar everywhere I went.  We met in a Brazilian desert so remote that you needed to climb a tree to get phone reception. I have a map of the tree if you ever find yourself there.  Incidentally the map is that piece.. Read More